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We offer online and in-class training for all our products.  Our professional trainers will provide in-depth training to fully understand and utilize our software to improve your operation and cut unnecessary costs and time.

  • Exceeder:
    • You will learn Load and Trip creation, Compliance, Invoicing, Driver and Equipment management, etc… The goal of this training is to teach you to spend minimum amount of time entering data and automate system to perform majority of the tasks such as calculating payroll, IFTA, ACE/ACI, etc…
  • E-Logs: Learn to setup, use, and administer e-logs software. This in-class and online training will cover following topics:
    • Application installation and setup of equipment in trucks
    • Creating and managing driver and users
    • Setting different cycles and notifications
    • Monitoring logs
    • Log corrections
    • Creating reports
  • Border Crossing (ACE & ACI): This training is offered in-class and online.  You will learn how to clear goods when bringing them to U.S.A and Canada.  Majority of paperwork and documents use by trucking companies are distributed to students for better understanding.  Some of the topics covered are:
    • Overview of how border crossing works
    • Government agencies such as CBP and CBSA are discussed along with their roll
    • Customs brokers and their rolls
    • Document such as Commercial Invoices, Bonds, and Bill Of Lading
    • PARS & PAPS
    • Creating and editing e-Manifest step by step
    • Requirements for border crossing

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